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What Does My Fantasy Draft Grade Mean? | Ask Ai

Aug 29, 2014

It’s fantasy football season!

Our Wordsmith platform is gearing up to once again produce millions of personalized (and snarky!) Yahoo fantasy matchup reports.

Right now, Wordsmith is producing fantasy draft recaps and grades for every Yahoo team.

People are tweeting about their draft grade. Including these guys:

So what’s the deal with those grades?

In the video above, Joe Procopio, our VP of Product Engineering, explains what goes into a Yahoo Fantasy Football draft grade – and whether your fantasy draft grade is truly your fantasy destiny.

If you’d rather read than watch a video, here’s Joe’s wisdom in lightly-edited text form:

What goes into a Yahoo Fantasy draft grade?

We take into account everything from your potential points through the season to your competition in your strength of schedule, how well you filled all your offensive units, quarterbacks, running backs, all the way to kicker.

We even include bye week management. Do you have players on your team that can replace your starters when they go on bye?

What if I have to pick last?

We take that into account.

If you’re picking twelfth and you’re projected to finish second in your league, you should get as good or a better grade than somebody who picked first and is expected to finish first.

Can you overcome a bad grade?

A draft has very little impact on how your fantasy season is going to go. Just because you have a great draft, doesn’t mean you’re going to win the championship.

On the other hand, just because you have a lousy draft, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily done for the season. It all comes down to management.

If you’re one of these players who rarely submits a starting lineup, doesn’t use the waiver wire at all and rarely ever trades, then your season’s kind of set in stone. 

But if you manage well throughout the season, you can overcome any bad draft.


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