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We Just Launched the World’s First Real-Time Insights Engine

Feb 12, 2013

Today we announced the launch of our Real-Time Insights platform at the On Deck Sports and Technology Conference. The new platform leverages our sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, which sifts through large data sets to spot interesting patterns, trends and insights. It then describes those findings in real-time in plain English with the tone, personality and variability of a human writer. 

The first example of the platform in action is with our Real-Time Insights for MLB where we provide highly relevant facts, predictions and analysis surrounding every play in a game as the action is happening. This allows us to analyze each individual play in the context of 120 years of data of past seasons and to deliver deep and complex insights, in context, in real-time as each play happens. 

With the new platform, we can enable media companies to augment their coverage with our live statistical insights and integrate them directly into their broadcasts, websites, mobile apps, second screen and social applications in real-time. Imagine a broadcaster immediately armed with 5-10 relevant and interesting facts about every play of a game as it happens instead of having to wait for the team in the truck. Or a fan following along on a second screen app able to take a quiz related to a play they just witnessed.

The Demo… 


Visit the LIVE demo at:

At the conference, Joe Procopio, our intrepid VP of Product Engineering, took the audience through a demo of a game between the White Sox and Royals that took place last August (you can follow along here). As he spoke, the play-by-play of the game came across the screen and the LIVE technology generated notes surrounding each play as it happened.

For example, in the top of the eighth inning, Adam Dunn hit a home run that brought in Kevin Youkilis. In terms of the game, it was late, and the Sox were getting blown out. On the surface it seemed somewhat meaningless.

However, in a few seconds, AI’s algorithms produced, scored, and delivered over a dozen additional insights that put that play into greater context, and delivered those insights in order of importance (shading indicates the quality of each note). The top five are shown below.  The LIVE platform delivered similar notes for every single play of the game. 


Sports is just the beginning…

As we have discussed before, we believe content is evolving and becoming more and more personalized. Our technology allows companies to reach millions of users with high-quality, personally-tailored content at just the right moment and our new Real-Time Insights platform is just another example of how we can do just that.

While we are showcasing it with MLB first, it can work in all sports and any vertical that demands real-time information, such as Finance, Personal Fitness, Traffic, Weather and more.

No matter how big the user base is, how unique the content must be, or how quickly the information is needed, we can deliver the message.

The power of high-quality content is coming to the real-time world.  And our lives are about to get much better.

-Adam Smith @adambsmith

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